Subdivisions, Binding Site Plans,
Lot Line Adjustments


Planned & Mixed-Use 

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Consulting and project management for residential subdivisions, industrial and commercial binding site plans, and lot line adjustments of any size or type.

Navigating popular Bellingham options for urban infill projects while retaining existing housing. We generate ideas and recommendations to maximize your property's potential, and assist with the complete design and permit process. 

Consulting and project management for large and small urban mixed-use projects, residential condominiums,  apartments, and commercial and retail development.



Complex & Unique Projects


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Docks, waterfront homes and other improvements near environmentally sensitive areas require complex local, state and federal environmental permits that we can manage while protecting these areas and your property rights.

We facilitate permitting for accessory dwelling units, conditional use permits, variance requests, shoreline permits, and help navigate other unique processes where special circumstances apply or public hearings are necessary.

We conduct detailed feasibility analyses for potential property purchases, or project pro formas for proposed development. We can outline zoning and development regulations, possible hurdles in the entitlement process, and potential costs and timelines.

Long-Range Planning

Urban Villages

Single-Family Houses


Long-range planning services include comprehensive plan amendments, rezone applications, participation in master planning exercises and other legislative actions.


Bellingham's four urban villages have many incentives that encourage high density redevelopment, but also have strict design standards that involve additional review and planning. We coordinate these complex projects in Bellingham, and in other communities with similar urbanizing or incentive-driven areas.


We work with property owners to select a competent design team, plan site development within applicable regulations, and to prepare and process required land use and building permits for single-family houses.