What type of permit am I going to need for my project? 

Each individual project requires a different set of permits, and each jurisdiction has a different process for administering their permits. A project may be simple enough to require only a building permit, or complex enough to require five or six different permits. One of the first things we do when meeting with prospective clients is review the project scope and determine exactly which permits will be required.

How quickly can you do a feasibility analysis?

We typically require a minimum of 45 days to produce a complete feasibility report for a prospective purchase or sale. We recommend buyers request a 45-day feasibility contingency for any land or building offer. As a seller, expect longer feasibility requests due to the complexity of land use and building regulations that have been adopted by local, state and federal agencies.

How much will the permits/project cost?

Each jurisdiction provides a fee schedule for their permit and impact fees. Permit fees range from $100 to thousands of dollars depending on which permits are required for a project. Impact fees and development charges can range dramatically depending on the scale of a project. In many local jurisdictions permit and impact fees will range from $10,000.00 - $20,000.00 per unit for multi family development and $20,000.00 - $35,000.00 per house for single family development. Project costs involve permit and impact fees, contractor and design professional fees and construction costs. This is another service we provide early in the process; researching permit and impact fees, and preparing front-end pro forma and budgets for all types of developments.

How long will the process take?

The estimated time frame of any project greatly depends on the type of project that is proposed. A building permit for a single-family home typically takes two to six weeks to be processed and approved depending on jurisdiction. A conditional use permit, variance or other unique permit may take four to six months. A subdivision, mixed use project or other major development could take twelve to twenty four months to accomplish. Many permit processes have codified review time frames, establishing set deadlines for decisions. Once we review a project proposal with a client, we can determine which permits are required and prepare a schedule for the review process.

I need a contractor, architect, engineer, surveyor, biologist, septic designer, etc. Can you refer me to someone?

Since 2004, we have been working with local contractors and design professionals on development projects of all types and sizes. Regardless of your need, we can recommend a qualified, competent and competitively priced professional to assist you with your project. On projects we manage, you can be certain the subcontractors and design professionals that we contract with will provide quality service.

I have spoken with the City/County and am having trouble understanding what I can and can't do with my property. Can you help?

Oftentimes a project design is unique, or a site is oddly shaped or has existing development. Getting feedback on what you can and can't do with your property is sometimes difficult if you're uncertain of the questions to ask, or have incomplete plans to present. We are happy to meet with developers and property owners to review their properties and project proposals, and determine the necessary questions to ask and who to address them to. Sometimes a little assistance with the codes or at the counter with staff is all that is needed to get a project moving in the right direction.