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Projects Current: Urban Short Plat

Client:Private Resident
Location:Bellingham, WA
Jurisdiction:City of Bellingham

Property size:1.48 acres
Project Description:2 lot residential short plat, variance required for approval

Details:This Subdivision is a 2 lot Residential Short Plat located in Bellingham, WA. The Application for Subdivision required a variance because the property is a Flag Lot and has only a small pipe stem frontage on the abutting public street, which does not meet minimum requirements. AVT Consulting prepared the Variance Application and Subdivision Application, and is acting as lead agent for property owner on the project.

This is an in-fill plat, creating a new lot in a neighborhood that is substantially built out. There are a number of properties in Bellingham in certain neighborhoods (Alabama, Birchwood, Lettered Streets) that provide the opportunity for adding one or two additional lots without impacting neighborhood character. The zoning in this area would allow up to three densities on the property; however a combination of an odd shape and a larger lot size in general in the neighborhood made a two lot subdivision a more logical choice. The Variance was necessary to allow a reduced frontage for each new lot. This Variance has been approved, and the Subdivision is currently being reviewed for compliance with planning, public works, fire and parks regulations.