Projects Current: Squalicum Lake Ranch Cluster Short Plat

Client:Private property owner
Location:Squalicum Lake Road
Jurisdiction:Whatcom County

Property size:20 Acres
Project Description:The Squalicum Lake Ranch Cluster Short Plat is a four lot rural residential subdivision, with three clustered lots and a large "reserve" tract.

Details:This subdivision is a typical rural cluster subdivision in Whatcom County and is an ideal example of how clustering can provide increased residential density on a property while still preserving the majority of the environmental or agricultural use of the rural land. The 20-acre property is zoned for five-acre lots, but in this case, clustering allowed the creation of three one-acre lots and a 17-acre "reserve" tract. The reserve tract can still accommodate one single family home, but all of the environmentally sensitive areas on the site are contained in this large tract, ensuring better protection for these areas.

AVT Consulting was hired by the property owner after the subdivision application had been filed. AVT Consulting took over the day-to-day management of the project, completed supplemental permit applications, and managed the construction of required infrastructure for project approval, including roads, wells and septic systems. AVT Consulting was also able to negotiate substantially reduced road frontage improvement requirements for the project, reducing the cost of development. Infrastructure was completed in the summer of 2011 and final project approval is expected in the first quarter of 2012.