Projects Current: Lincoln Street Planned Development

Client:Stebner Real Estate
Location:Lincoln St.
Jurisdiction:City of Bellingham

Property size:24 acres
Project Description: Planned Development Permit for Lifestyle Center – single story retail, multi-story residential over office, multi-story office, Galleria, six-story hotel pad, structured parking.

Details:The Lincoln Street Planned Development is a 24 acre self contained “Lifestyle Center” providing a wide mix of uses on a single site. The Planned Development is effectively a self contained Urban Village, providing a wide range of retail and commercial services, office space, a hotel and residential segments on a single walkable site. The City required a Planned Development Permit, Critical Areas Permit and SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) review for the proposal. Original applications were submitted in 2005, and the project review and Planned Development Permit approval was completed in the fall of 2009. AVT Consulting acted as applicant agent and project manager during the permit submittal and review process.

The property is one of the few remaining of its size in the City of Bellingham, and is located between Lincoln Street and Interstate 5; it extends from the Fred Meyer parking lot south to Maple Street. It is bisected by a stretch of Lincoln Creek that flows from adjacent to the Western Washington University park & ride, under Lincoln Street, through the property and then into a pipe under the Fred Meyer development.

The Planned Development that is proposed will include single story retail space along the Lincoln Street frontage, a single bridge spanning the creek, and a large mixed development on the opposite side of the creek, including several 4 story mixed use (residential over commercial) structures, office structures, a 6 story hotel, a parking garage and a galleria. Extensive wetland creation, enhancement and rehabilitation are proposed for the wetland areas on-site, associated with Lincoln Creek. Additional mitigation is proposed along Lincoln Creek itself. Secondary access is proposed from Maple Street at the south end of the property.