Projects Past: Jersey Street Apartments

Client:MDHS Investments
Location:Jersey Street
Jurisdiction:City of Bellingham

Property size:.5 Acres
Project Description:The Jersey Street Apartments is a 16-unit, 2-story multi-family apartment building.

Details:The Jersey Street Apartments project was a redevelopment project near downtown Bellingham and the Western Washington University campus. The project included demolition of three abandoned derelict homes, consolidation of the underlying lots, and the development of the apartment building. This project was permitted in 2008 as a four-story mixed use building, however, due to a variety of factors it was redesigned in 2010 as a two-story residential only project, in two separate buildings with a common courtyard. The project required a Planned Permit, two Variance requests, a Design Review Application and a Building Permit Application.

AVT Consulting participated as a project team member during the design phase, prepared preliminary budget information for permit and impact fees, prepared all of the development applications, and acted as owner representative throughout the permitting process, including the public hearing for the Variance. The project was successfully permitted in 2010 and construction was completed in the late summer of 2011. The building is now occupied.