Projects Past: Hannegan Plaza

Client:Huizenga Brothers Construction
Location:Hinotes Corner
Jurisdiction:Whatcom County

Property size:2 acres
Project Description:3 phase Commercial center, corner of Hannegan and Pole Road

Details:The Hannegan Plaza is a 3-structure commercial/retail development on the corner of Hannegan and Pole Roads. AVT Consulting prepared a Master Permit Application, SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act), Grading Permits and acted as owner representative during permitting and preliminary site development.

The project is located kitty-corner to the Raspberry Ridge Golf Course. The site is a prime commercial corner within the Hinotes Corner LAMIRD (Local Area of More Intense Rural Development) area, and was previously undeveloped, except for a small retail structure located in the northwest corner occupied by a hair salon.

The project proposal was for development of three new steel constructed commercial/retail structures, to be completed in three phases. The entitlement process required submittal of a Building Permit for the first phase, with a detailed site plan, traffic analysis, SEPA and Grading Permit for the entire proposed build-out. There were complex conditions associated with traffic mitigation, storm water management and planning review. AVT Consulting represented the owner throughout the planning and permitting process and ensured the best and most cost effective outcome. The first phase Building Permit and all site development permits were issued in spring of 2009. Phase two Building Permit was issued in winter of 2009. Construction of site infrastructure and phase one and two buildings has been completed.