Projects Past: 1010 Telegraph - Emerald Cottages

Client:Emerald Cottages LLC
Location:Telegraph Rd., Bellingham, WA
Jurisdiction:City of Bellingham

Property size: 2.75 acres
Project Description: A 15-lot Subdivision and Planned Unit Development, with permitting in multiple jurisdictions.

Details:The project was submitted in Whatcom County for preliminary approval while located in the Urban Growth Area of Bellingham. After preliminary approval but prior to final approval, this portion of the UGA was annexed to the City of Bellingham. The project permitting is now being completed in the City. This proved to be a complex and difficult transition, requiring knowledge of the applicable inter-local agreements, and negotiations regarding the conditions of approval. AVT Consulting is acting as project manager and lead agent for Lot Line Adjustment and Subdivision/Planned Unit Development planning and application process.

This project is a great example of how reduced lot sizes and common parking and recreation facilities can make better use of a complicated site. The property, located on Telegraph Road, was 2.75 acres in size but was bisected by a small creek tributary and associated wetlands. The useable portion of the site was limited to approximately one acre fronting on Telegraph Road. Prior to application, a Lot Line Adjustment was completed with the neighboring property, to expand the area of useable land. The Planned Unit Development process allowed for the design of smaller lots (average lot size is 1,500 square feet), reduced setbacks and detached common parking facilities; this created a plan with only minor buffer reductions, and significant restoration and enhancement of existing wetland and creek buffers. 8 of the 15 homes have been constructed in this project.