Projects Past: Residential Dock on Chuckanut Bay

Client:Private homeowner
Location:Chuckanut Drive
Jurisdiction:Whatcom County

Property Size:.5 acres
Project Description:Residential dock repair
and remodel

Details:The subject property has a private residential dock along Chuckanut Bay that was deteriorating and required significant repair. AVT Consulting managed the local Shoreline, Building and Demolition Permits, State Departments of Ecology and Fish and Wildlife Permits, and the Federal Army Corps Permits.

The dock was legally permitted in 1987, and subject to the applicable Whatcom County Shoreline Regulations, repair was permitted as an exempt activity. Exempt activity requires acquisition of a Whatcom County Shoreline Permit, and any work over the water or shoreline requires a State Department of Ecology Permit and Fish and Wildlife Permit, and a Federal Army Corps Permit. Building and Demolition Permits were also required for the repair. This type of project is an example of how a single professional point of contact for permit management, especially in instances when there are multiple layers of environmental permitting, insures consistency in review and conditions, and a more timely permit process.