Projects Current: Chuckanut Bay Eco Demonstration Project

Client:DCI Properties LLC
Location:Chuckanut Lane
Jurisdiction:Whatcom County

Property size: 12,000 square feet
Project Description: The Chuckanut Bay Eco Demonstration Project is a demolition and reconstruction of a single-family home located on the waterfront on Chuckanut Bay.

Details:The Chuckanut Bay Eco Demonstration Project includes the demolition of an existing single-family residence located on the waterfront on Chuckanut Bay and the reconstruction of a new single-family home on the same lot. The existing home was built in the 1940's and was not salvageable. The proposed home attempts to incorporate as many ecologically sound development techniques as possible, including removal of a portion of the existing bulkhead and replacement with natural beach, green roof, native landscaping, a pervious driveway, geothermal heat pumps, stormwater management consistent with the DOE Puget Sound LID Manual, passive solar and other design features.

Due to the waterfront location of the property, the small size of the lot (12,000 square feet in a minimum 20,000 square foot zone) and the existing conditions (bulkhead, setback encroachments, lots of impervious surfaces), the planning and permitting for this project were very complex and required special attention to site and building design details. AVT Consulting participated as a project team member during the design phase, prepared the required Shoreline Conditional Use Permit and Building Permit and acted as owner representative during the planning and permitting phase. The project has been permitted and construction is on going. AVT Consulting has remained on the project team to coordinate with the general contractor and ensure compliance with permit conditions, as well as consult with the owner on additional opportunities to reduce environmental impacts during the construction process.