Projects Past: Birch Bay Square Binding Site Plan North

Client:Birch Bay Square II LLC
Location:Blaine, WA
Jurisdiction:Whatcom County

Property size: 16.7 acres
Project Description:Binding Site Plan – 12 lots, 2nd phase of a regional shopping center.

Details:Birch Bay Square Binding Site Plan (BSP) North is a mixed used development; it is adjacent to the existing Birch Bay Square retail center and is intended to be an expansion of the retail center to the north. The BSP will be developed in phases and will ultimately contain between 8 and 12 individual building pads. There are plans for office, retail, hotel, restaurant and light industrial and warehousing uses.

The Binding Site Plan encompasses a 16.7-acre site adjacent to Interstate 5. Planning, permit preparation and management of the entitlement process were accomplished by AVT Consulting. This included owner representation at the County and management of the design and engineering professionals for the project. Preliminary Binding Site Plan approval was granted in 2010 and the project is awaiting buyers and/or lease tenants to begin development of the first phases.

The Birch Bay Square retail center is a large commercial, office and retail center located at the intersection of Birch Bay & Lynden Road and Portal Way. The site was previously occupied by an outlet mall; new ownership updated and remodeled the existing facility between 2007-2010 to focus more on regional retail customers. There are three new freestanding pads, occupied by a drive-thru fast food restaurant, a regional burger chain and a regional coffee chain. There is also a new specialty grocery store located within the retail center. The redevelopment of the existing center was based on an eight-lot Lot Line Adjustment, completed by AVT Consulting.