The Fountain Bistro image

Project Profile

Objective /
Open a coffeehouse and wine bistro in a remodeled fast food restaurant, with drive-thru and alcohol service.

Obstacles /
Property is located in neighborhood commercial zone; alcohol service is a conditional use in this zone. Conditional use permit is required; the process includes public meeting and public hearing.

Jersey St. Apartment Photo

Project Profile

Objective /
Demolition of three homes, consolidation of the underlying lots and, the development of a multi-family building.

Obstacles /
First permitted as a four-story mixed use building, the project redesign required a Planned Permit, two Variance requests, a Design Review Application and a Building Permit Application.

Chuckanut Dock Image

Project Profile

Objective /
Remodel and repair a dilapidated dock on Chuckanut Bay in Bellingham, WA.

Obstacles /
The existing float and dock were deteriorating rapidly. The owner had acquired existing shoreline permit from previous owner, and the repair required a number of local, state and federal permits.

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Project Spotlight

119 W. Chestnut St. - Chestnut Flats

  • Client:
  • Location:
  • Property:
  • Jurisdiction:
  • Flax Properties / David Hovde
  • Downtown Bellingham
  • .5 acre
  • City of Bellingham, WA

Description:   Remodel and conversion of a downtown commercial building into a 37-unit, 4-story multi-family apartment building.


Key information for project planning

The first step in any development process is understanding the elements of the project; what permits are needed, which subcontractors will be necessary and what it will cost. AVT Consulting makes it a policy to discuss these topics with property owners and developers at the front end of any project proposal to reduce surprises and unpredictability. We are pleased to provide general information and key links to City, County and other organizations to facilitate your planning and research.